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Published on 07 October 2009 by in Latest News

numero has a new look website and a new strapline, both of which are designed to reinforce our passion for customer service.

Guy Colclough founded numero in 2001 on the back of a poor customer experience in his personal life (read more here) and the business has been committed since that date to helping large companies to provide their customers with outstanding personal service with the help of technology.

Today, numero is proud to support some of the biggest names in the world of customer service and to have created a highly innovative software platform on which so many depend. However, our website and brand are not focused on technology but on how to ‘do the right thing’ for each individual customer at all times. So, throughout the website, you will find many references to different customer segments we have identified through our own research.

Each of these customer segments (we refer to them by individual names including Jenny, Anne, Mike, Barry, Gary and Gordon), has very specific communication preferences and customer service expectations. Our clients recognise and relate to these customers and a fundamental aspect of their leadership position is their ability to address these efficiently and effectively. That is why so much of our work is focused on ‘streamlining customer journeys’.

By concentrating on our customers’ customers, we believe numero (as represented by our new branding and website) is best placed to add-value to customer service operations by continually anticipating and responding to changing needs and expectations. It is this focus that is the inspiration for our business case driven numero act service, highly innovative numero uno software platform and highly regarded numero pro services organisation. The combination of which ensures numero is best placed to do the right thing for each individual customer.

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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Google Buy Now button coming soon

Google Buy Now button coming soon

Google Buy Now button coming soon

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